Intel CPU Generations and the Technology Behind Them

    Every time Intel announces a new CPU generation, tech enthusiasts around the world rejoice, looking forward to increased performance, lower power consumption, and cutting-edge features. But despite all the attention new CPU generations receive, most people don’t know how new generations differ from old generations, and this article is ... Daugiau »

Birželio 3, 2019
VPS Server Versus Dedicated Server - Which is better?

  The chances are that you have a website and are looking for the best way how to improve its performance. After doing some research, you’ve probably stumbled upon VPS and dedicated servers but are not sure which of these two hosting options is better for you. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about VPS and dedicated ... Daugiau »

Geg 20, 2019
Intel CPU Generations Explained

Choosing the right CPU for the job is critical, but that’s easier said than done because of how confusing CPU generations can be. In this article, we explain the differences between the most common CPU generations from Intel, the largest CPU manufacturer in the world. Intel Core Processor Intel Core is a line of workstation-oriented CPUs ... Daugiau »

Balandžio 9, 2019
Colocation and Its Many Advantages vs. In-House Data Center

    Today, businesses of all sizes must make the right decision for their data center in order to create a solid, dependable IT foundation for future growth. According to statistics, businesses are increasingly attracted to data center colocation services, which are set to reach a valuation of $47.34 billion by 2023, up from $25.52 billion ... Daugiau »

Kovo 21, 2019
Bacloud tikisi įsitvirtinti tarp Top3 tiekėjų Lietuvos hostingo rinkoje

          UAB "Informacinės sistemos ir technologijos", valdanti prekinį ženklą "Bacloud" auga septinmyliais žingsniais. Pagal paskutinius nepriklausomo portalo HostAdvice duomenis, per nepilnus 2 metus kompanija iš 23 vietos pakilo į 6 pagal tarp populiariausių hostingo tiekėjų Lietuvoje. Lanksčios paslaugos, teisingai ... Daugiau »

Kovo 5, 2019
Announcing Windows Server 2019 with Bacloud dedicated servers and VPS

  Bacloud data center now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2019, providing customers with an easy and flexible way to get up and running with the latest version of Windows Server. Windows Server 2019 is available with dedicated servers and virtual dedicated services ( VPS ) in Europe/Lithuania and USA/Chicago locations.   What's new ... Daugiau »

Vasario 16, 2019
Lithuania: The Best Place in Europe to Host Websites

There’s no doubt that the United States is the world leader when it comes to internet technology, but the country’s internet connection is abysmal, except for a handful of large cities. What’s more, the United States is separated by oceans both from Europe and Asia, which creates major latency issues. To find a country with lightning-fast ... Daugiau »

Vasario 12, 2019
OpenVZ Versus KVM: Understanding the Difference

Virtualization has come a long way since its early days, making it possible to break down a single physical server into multiple smaller virtual private servers (VPS).  Businesses and individual users alike are switching to virtualization to reap its numerous benefits, which include reduced operating costs, minimized downtime, and increased ... Daugiau »

Sausio 29, 2019
Microsoft paskelbė apie paslaugų tiekėjų licencijų sutarčių (SPLA) kainų pasikeitimus nuo 2019 metų Sausio 1 dienos, kurios turės įtakos Bacloud klientams, naudojantiems Microsoft produktus.

Kainų pasikeitimai Nuo 2019 metų sausio 1 dienos, keičiasi Microsoft programinės įrangos nuomos kainos pagal SPLA licencijavimą. Kainos didėja šiems produktams:* 15%  Windows Remote Desktop Services SAL 10%  Windows Server Standard Core 10%  Windows Server Datacenter Core 5%  Core Infrastructure Server Suite Standard Core 7%  ... Daugiau »

Sausio 25, 2019
BaCloud ekspertai – apie dedikuotus serverius, spartųjį NVMe diską ir technologijų ateitį

Technologijoms itin sparčiai vystantis, vis dažniau dairomasi patogesnių sprendimų skaitmeninio turinio duomenų apdorojimui. Tad net mobilus, galingas nešiojamas kompiuteris – technologiniu požiūriu ne pats patogiausias įrankis duomenų saugojimui ar nepertraukiamam darbui. „Duomenims, interneto projektams, privačiam ... Daugiau »

Sausio 22, 2019