BaCloud pagalba nukentėjusioms įmonėms - nemokamos nuotolinės darbo vietos

  Saugant klientų ir darbuotojų sveikatą nuotolinės darbo vietos užtikrina įmonės veiklos tęstinumą ir sukuria pridėtinę vertę. Tai puiki galimybė transformuoti savo veiklą ir migruoti ją į virtualią erdvę. Siekiame prisidėti prie karantino situacijos sušvelninimo ir siūlome nuotolinėmis darbo vietomis naudotis nemokamai ... Daugiau »

Balandžio 2, 2020
Nuotolinės darbo vietos, klausimai - atsakymai

Šiuo metu, esant nepaprastai situacijai Lietuvoje ir pasaulyje, dėl corona viruso COVID-19, darbas nuotoliniu būdu tampa ne mada, o būtinybė. Vis daugiau įmonių transformuoja savo veiklą ir migruoja į virtualią erdvę, taip užtikrindamos produktyvių ir pilnavertį darbą iš namų.  Atsakome į populiariausius klausimus, ... Daugiau »

Kovo 27, 2020
Important! BaCloud team works remotely due coronavirus pandemic

Dear clients,   Due the Corona Virus pandemic, we would like to inform you about changes in the work of BaCloud support team.    BaCloud team started to work remotely from 2020-03-16 and smaller stuff on duty inside the data center. We ensure availability of services 24/7. New virtual services, VPS servers, domain names, hosting will be ... Daugiau »

Kovo 16, 2020
Svarbu! BaCloud komandos darbas Koronoviruso metu.

Gerbiami klientai,   Reaguodami į šalyje paskelbtą karantiną ir saugodami savo klientų ir darbuotojų sveikatą, informuojame apie pasikeitimus BaCloud (UAB Informacinės sistemos ir technologijos) darbo organizavime.    Siekiant sumažinti darbuotojų fizinį kontaktą nuo 2019-03-16 mūsų įmonės komanda dirba nuotoliniu būdu. ... Daugiau »

Kovo 16, 2020
Why Data Backup Can Save Your Business Time and Money

  Your data is the backbone of your business, which is why you need to do everything in your power to protect it. It doesn’t matter if you’re an SMB or a large enterprise—data loss can strike at any time and bring your business to its knees unless you have a proper backup strategy in place. Business Data Is Facing Many Threats Threats ... Daugiau »

Kovo 12, 2020
5G is Coming: What It Means for Data Centers

Say you’re sitting at home on your phone using a popular social media app or search website like Google and the power to connect to the internet goes out. You look at your smartphone’s data bars and there’s no bars, just the words “Unable to connect”. This means that there is a problem connecting to your wireless service, which is ... Daugiau »

Sausio 20, 2020
BACLOUD unveils new single AMD EPYC processor dedicated server

  We are extremely proud to announce a new product for customers interested in building a one-processor dedicated server: the BaCloud AMD EPYC™ 2U210 Up until now, we’ve only offered clients only the use of Intel processors when designing the perfect custom one or two-processor servers. For 189.00€ per month (minimum order of one ... Daugiau »

Lapkričio 28, 2019
CentOS 8 Now Available for All Linux Servers

Recently, we announced the long-awaited release of CentOS 8, the popular community-driven and functionally compatible free clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and now we’re excited to announce that CentOS 8 is available for all Bacloud Linux VPS and dedicated servers with automatic installation. CentOS is currently the third most ... Daugiau »

Spalio 30, 2019
New CentOS 8 released. What's new?

We are happy to announce new CentOS Linux 8 released! CentOS was created when Red Hat stopped providing RHEL free. CentOS is a high-quality Linux distribution mostly used on servers. It gives complete control of its open-source software packages and is fully customized for research needs or for running a high-performance website without the need ... Daugiau »

Spalio 1, 2019
User Awareness Training - Why this is necessary?

With the cost of data breaches rising, organizations are spending a lot of money to improve their cyber defenses and prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to sensitive information and disrupting day-to-day operations. But in their never-ending effort to combat end-user security risks, IT departments often become blinded by shiny threat ... Daugiau »

Rugpjūčio 13, 2019