BaCloud company
Pramones st. 15,
Siauliai city, Lithuania

Lithuanian data center is the main data center of our company, started running at 2005 and continuing to grow since.

Data center construction – building inside a building, nor the first neither the last floor. Servers and electricity rooms have no direct outside walls and are securely separated from each other. Internet connections reach building from different areas of the city in order to protect from internet lost even if there is a physical damage of the lines. We are using trusted Socomec Green Power UPS, which is designed for data centers and American CAT (Caterpillar) company's diesel generators.

In order to maintain stable temperature in the server rooms we are using innovative ventilation system which is duplicated using air conditioners. In the winter heat from server rooms is used to heat up our office rooms. All infrastructure of the data center, possible jumps of the temperature, rooms are monitored 24/7. There is physical entrance control and wide network of security cameras. Our data center declared guaranteed up time of 99.97% is one of the highest in Lithuania and meets standards of TIER3.

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Information about data center
Own Data center
Facilities are owned by a company
Data center
Inside the building, no windows
APC UPS system, 2+n high capacity electricity lines, CAT diesel generator
Green cooling system, backup air conditioning system
Network providers
Retn, Bite, Telia
Data center space
3 rooms
Data center capacity
Physical guards, CCTV cams, alarm system, card access
Autonomous system
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Dedicated Servers
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Windows VPS
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