WEB Hosting
 Professional web hosting service 
Starting from:
  •  PHP 7.* Support
  •  MySQL Support
  •  Email Support
  •  Include free software
VPS Servers
 VPS servers for everyone 
Starting from:
  •  960MHz Of CPU
  •  1GB Of RAM
  •  25GB Of Diskspace
  •  50Mbps Internet Speed
Dedicated Servers
 Worlds Cheapest Dedicated Servers 
Starting from:
  •  D2700 4x2.13 GHz CPU
  •  DDR3 8GB Of RAM
  •  Up to 2 Internal HDD
  •  Linux / Microsoft Ready
Online Backup
 Prevent data loss 
Starting from:
  •  100GB Cloud Storage
  •  Unlimited Bandwidth
  •  Backup Securely
  •  Backup Continuously

We Address Your Needs

Our Data Center brings EVERYTHING what your business needs: Custom servers, quick service setup, new technologies and reliable services.

99.9% Server Uptime

Real-time monitoring

24x7x365 Online

Support Guarantee

IPv6 Ready

Our all services have IPv6 configured and ready

30 Days Moneyback

Refund Guarantee


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