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Bacloud Datacenter - Coventry, UK

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Coventry Data Center, established in 2004 and strategically located in the heart of the United Kingdom, has evolved into a premier data hosting facility. With a robust infrastructure comprising over 300 server racks, it exemplifies strength and reliability.

The data center prioritizes security and safety, featuring state-of-the-art fire suppression with inert gas and a VESDA smoke detection system to ensure the utmost protection. With a dependable 3MW Onsite Power system drawing from a diverse 11kv electrical supply and a 4MW 2N+1 Diesel Generator Backup Power system, we guarantee uninterrupted service even during electrical grid challenges.

Committed to maintaining the highest security standards, Coventry Data Center holds an ISO 27001 certificate, assuring clients of stringent data protection protocols.


  • Data center space

    20,000 sqft site with Initial Provision of 300 Racks with expansion available to 600 onsite.

  • UPS Redundancy


  • Internet providers

    • GTT
    • Cogent
    • NTT
    • Level3

  • Fire-suspension

    • Fire-suspension with inert gas. Gas is not harmful to people and equipment
    • IG55 Gas Fire Suppression
    • VESDA - Very Early Smoke Detection System

  • Compliance Certifications

    ISO 27001

  • Cooling

    Latest Energy Efficient Closed Circuit Cooling (No Outside Air bought into Building)

  • Security infrastructure

    • 24/7/365 Onsite Staffing
    • Full site CCTV coverage with roaming security patrols
    • All areas of datacentre access are controlled by Paxton system with anti-tailgating airlock pod facility access

  • Electricity

    • 3MW Onsite Power from diverse 11kv electrical supply
    • 4MW 2N+1 Diesel Generator Backup Power

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