Debian "Bullseye" 11 released. What's new?

  After 2 years, 1 month, and 9 days of development, the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 11 (code name bullseye), which will be supported for the next 5 years. This release contains over 11,294 new packages for a total count of 59,551 packages, along with a significant reduction of over 9,519 packages that were ... Read More »

18th Aug 2021

Almalinux Is Available With Our Services

    We are proud to announce that the AlmaLinux Operating System is now also available to our customers and is a part of our service. The project is an open-source that provides free distribution for Linux. Clients will be able to get benefits from the free operating system as well when they become a part of our community, dedicated to ... Read More »

2nd Jul 2021

Bacloud Receives an Award – 3rd Best Company for the Biggest Average Salary Pays for Employees

Bacloud had another feather in its cap with a new award, this time for its exceptional performance in making the employee’s satisfaction level better. Bacloud has recently received an award-winning 3rd position amongst small and mid-sized corporations by paid salaries in the region. The award states Bacloud to have the 3rd best place for ... Read More »

24th May 2021

Disk Drives Prices Is Going Up

  The disk drives price ranges are skyrocketing, and speculations say this is only the beginning. In fact, many are assuming and predicting that SSDs and hard disks might become rare in the coming future. This prediction is already coming true in China and some other parts of the world. But why is it happening? Why are the prices going so high ... Read More »

11th May 2021
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