New Intel E-22xx series CPU's Just Arrived

  BaCloud at its data center has introduced a range of servers integrated with the new CPU by Intel. The Intel Xeon Processor comes with 6 cores, a max turbo frequency of 4.90 Hz, processor base frequency 4.00 GHz, and 12 MB Intel Cache, which are some of the specifics that make the newly integrated technology in our system as innovative as it ... Read More »

24th Sept 2020
Bacloud tapo Šiaulių prekybos, pramonės ir amatų rūmų nariais

UAB “Informacinės sistemos ir technologijos” (IST), kuriai priklauso prekinis ženklas “Bacloud”, tapo Šiaulių pramonės ir amatų rūmų nariais. Tikimės bendradarbiauti ir vienytis su kitais rūmų nariais, aktyviai dalyvauti rūmų veikloje. Šiaulių prekybos, pramonės ir amatų rūmai yra patikimas socialinis - ekonominis ... Read More »

3rd Sept 2020
BaCloud Becomes a Proud Member of the Chamber of Commerce

  BaCloud is proud to announce that it has taken membership in the Chamber of Commerce, Siauliai. BaCloud is highly honored and esteemed in winning a seat at a place of renowned institution that serves as a focal point for different business meetings to extract meaningful and insightful approaches to different sectors. We have been serving ... Read More »

2nd Sept 2020
New AMD Epyc 2nd generation Dedicated Servers Arrived At Our Data Center

BaCloud has new dedicated servers at its data center. The CPU of the brand new AMD Epyc servers comes in the varieties 7302p and 7402p – 16 and 24 cores, respectively. Having these high quality and innovative CPU’s in the dedicated servers for our data centers significantly make improvements in the way these servers work. There can be four ... Read More »

10th Aug 2020
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