Kaip apsisaugoti nuo fiktyvių ( Fraud ) mokėjimų internete? Mūsų patarimai

Intensyvėjant internetinei prekybai, daugėjant įvairių atsiskaitymų būdų elektroninėje erdvėje, nesnaudžia ir internetiniai sukčiai. Apsimetę bankininkais ar pasiūlę už eurą nusipirkti skrydžio bilietą, patiklius vartotojus jie priverčia atskleisti savo asmeninius duomenis, sužino banko kortelės informaciją. IT ... Read More »

17th Jan 2019
When Is the Right Time to Upgrade to a VPS Hosting Plan?

It’s only a matter of time before most website owners say goodbye to shared hosting and upgrade to a VPS hosting plan. Unfortunately, many either wait too long to make the switch, or they have no idea how to tell that the time to upgrade to a VPS hosting plan has arrived. In this article, we explain the key differences between shared and VPS ... Read More »

20th Dec 2018
Which is better? SATA SSD VS NVMe SSD performance tests

With big data analytics, high-performance databases, and server virtualization, the demand for performance has never been higher. One of the biggest breakthroughs for data center operators has been the solid-state drive (SSD), which provides a significantly faster and more reliable alternative to the hard disk drive (HDD). But not all SSDs are ... Read More »

5th Dec 2018
Bacloud Expands to the United States

Ever since we opened our first data center in 2005, our ambition has been to become a key global player in the Virtual Private Server (VPS) market. With thousands of satisfied customers in over 70 countries, we’ve been able to realize our ambition and establish ourselves as a go-to provider of reliable web hosting services in Lithuania and ... Read More »

28th Nov 2018