Cpanel price increase 2021: How it is going to impact you?


The world’s most popular hosting control panel, cPanel announced new license pricing plans for 2021.

Cpanel customers will be billed with a tiered-pricing structure on a monthly basis, as expected. Most hosting companies are also announcing that the cPanel price increase will be reflected in their customers’ bills also.

The reason for the price increase from Cpanel's communication channel:

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve delivered on many substantial features and capabilities that you can utilize, as a cPanel Partner, to generate more value for your business. These include optimized updates, a reduced memory footprint, DNSSEC improvements, and enhanced NGINX support.

As we continue investing in improving your overall cPanel experience, we know you will continue to build, develop, and grow your businesses as well.”

Please find the new prices list:

 Cpanel Solo Cloud - 8.99€/month
 Cpanel Admin Cloud 13.99€/month 14.99€/month
 Cpanel Pro Cloud 19.99€/month 21.49€/month
 Cpanel Premier Cloud 34€/month 36.99€/month
 Cpanel Solo Metal - 12.99€/month
 Cpanel Premier Metal 100 34€/month 36.99€/month
 Additional 50 accounts 5.5€/month 11€/month
 Reseller hosting additional account 0.2€/month 0.26€/month

New prices will be increased by the start of 2021


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

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