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Bacloud new services status page

BaCloud provides a tool that helps in providing real-time information about the running services to users. With the help of the status of the service page tool, users can get location-based, recent most upgrades for the service. The efficient response for the on-time monitoring and displaying of service quality conforms to timely and effective communication, which is integral for many reasons.

The services status page at BaCloud aims at providing tactical information about different internet and connectivity services – VPS servers, dedicated servers, and hosting, along with other related services to our customers. The ongoing status of the service is updated at regular intervals and full transparency. If any issue arises on the surface, it is categorized into the enlisted below options according to the nature of the matter as:

  1. Identified – The team has identified the glitch affecting the services;
  2. Investigating – The team is looking into the details of the matter to resolve it;
  3. In progress – The issue is undergoing a systematic process to get resolved;
  4. Resolved – The issue has been successfully resolved and is no longer there.

Location-Based Services

These statuses let the relevant person navigate and keep tabs on the situation with timely updating. The specificity at regional scales makes it easier to locate different data and connectivity statuses at the service status page relevant to the location.

Currently, BaCloud is showing relevant statuses for the following locations:

  • Lithuania – Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Other Services
  • Netherlands – Hosting and VPS
  • USA – Hosting and VPS

How Does it Benefit the Users?

When the issue is resolved, it gets updated on the service status page with the date mentioning the resolving date. This honest and transparent updating on service helps build sustainability and progress in the relevant business and keeps a timely check on the connectivity of services and their functioning.

Moreover, responders, as well as stakeholders, can view the tool to get upgrade about ongoing incidents about the relevant services. With multiple languages, using the site for natives becomes even easier. The simple yet powerful tool uses the latest integrations in technology to enlist user-friendly and comprehensive details that are essential and clear in their meaning.

As soon as any of the mentioned four statuses are going on, the service the status page offers the ultimate checkpoint through which stakeholders and responders can get themselves acknowledged of the various processes so they can plan and improvise accordingly to the situation at hand. This saves them a lot of time, effort, and they are also secured from unanticipated technical difficulties that would cause their work any trouble.

For instance, if the clients are getting hosting services from the party, they can timely check if there is any issue subsiding in the service through the service status page. And in that matter, they could decide to take certain steps (or stop taking them) according to the ongoing situation.

You can make communication with your clients easier through this integrated tool for incident management processes in the best capacity.

Services status page:

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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