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Bacloud Launched a Very Fast WordPress Optimized Hosting

  • Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Cpanel litespeed hosting

Do you know website speed is one of the major ranking factors? The user will move to another website if your website takes more loading time. So, as a result, you might lose traffic and sales. What’s the solution, then? Before discussing the solution, let me clarify one thing. Website speed depends on various factors. And no doubt, hosting is one of the major factors that influence website speed.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting a new website or want to move your website to a fast and optimized hosting service; you can try Bacloud. Our hosting service ensures a superior experience. 

Bacloud just renewed its Cpanel web hosting service and started to provide hosting services with brand new servers, 100% NVMe powered with LiteSpeed Enterprise and LiteSpeed cache. With LiteSpeed, your site can employ the best practices that make for a high PageSpeed score, and - more importantly - an exceptional user experience. 

Which CMS and Hosting Are Best?

Without any doubt, WordPress is an excellent content management system. It can help you set up a business website, blog, or online store, or even you can use it for your portfolio. A person with zero coding knowledge can use this platform to build a responsive, optimized, and mobile-friendly website.

If you don’t have optimized hosting, all your efforts might get wasted. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a hosting provider that ensures security, provides better speed, and great uptime. Bacloud has all these qualities.

A special LSCache plugin comes with a new Cpanel hosting, which is designed to improve the WordPress website. We created a special tutorial on how to configure the website to work with Bacloud's new hosting.

This web server is also ideal for using several other CMS such as Joomla, Drupal and many others.

How to Set Up Your Website with Bacloud?

Most people don’t even build their online presence because they feel that it requires coding knowledge. But it’s not true. You can use our hosting and install a WordPress in just a few clicks. Cpanel hosting account comes with a special WordPress Toolkit, where you can install, backup, and update your WordPress website. 



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