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 AhsayOBM installation for Linux

Install AhsayOBM Option 1: Online Installation Option Option 1.1: rpm 1. Login to the Linux...

 How to use IPMI?

Accessing the Remote Server via Console Redirection Using the Browser   1. Log In to the Remote...

 What is AhsayACB and AhsayOBM online backup?

AhsayACB AhsayACB is an easy to use client agent for backing up PCs and Macs. It is...

 How to set up PTR record?

Setting up Reverse DNS Records   1. Login to Bacloud client area. Input the bacloud.com  in...

 What is PTR records and where they are using?

What is PTR record? A PTR (pointer) record maps an IP address to the domain name. It’s often...