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Can I adjust my billing cycle? At Bacloud, you select your billing cycle for the service you purchase when placing an order.... Can I cancel services that I’m not willing to use any more? At Bacloud we provide you with two different options for cancellation regarding our services -... Can I downgrade any of my services? As we allow upgrades to your current service, we do allow downgrades of the service as well - as... Can I have separate billing and personal information in my account? At Bacloud your invoices will always use your primary account information as billing... Can I renew any of my service with Bacloud in advance? At the moment such feature is not available at Bacloud. If you would like to renew your service... Can I request a refund for already pre-paid services? At Bacloud you get 30 days money-back guarantee period for our shared hosting services, VPS and... Can I transfer the ownership of my account to another person or company? In order to transfer the ownership of your account to a 3rd party, you only need to update your... Can I turn off the automatic renewal of services? Whenever you want to turn off the automatic renewal of your services with Bacloud, we welcome you... Can I update my account information in my client area? You can update your Bacloud account details online at any time. In case any assistance is... How long does it take to have my service operational, once I complete an overdue payment? In case you have missed your renewal date and your service ended up being suspended - you can... How will I know when my invoice is due? Here at Bacloud we do care about our customers' projects and we aim to provide you with a... Is it possible to extend my service's billing cycle? If you would like to have your billing cycle extended, you can contact our staff through live... Once I purchase a product, do I get an invoice? When you purchase any type of service with Bacloud, you will get an invoice synced with the... What cryptocurrencies are supported for payments? We accept over 70 cryptocurrencies to pay for our hosting, VPS or a dedicated server. We use... Which payment methods does Bacloud accept? As Bacloud is a customer-oriented company we have included a wide range of payment methods to... Why was my credit/debit card declined? Declines can happen for a variety of reasons; most of them are generic. Thus, to our regret, we...
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