Bacloud Receives an Award – 3rd Best Company for the Biggest Average Salary Pays for Employees

Bacloud award winner

Bacloud had another feather in its cap with a new award, this time for its exceptional performance in making the employee’s satisfaction level better. Bacloud has recently received an award-winning 3rd position amongst small and mid-sized corporations by paid salaries in the region.

The award states Bacloud to have the 3rd best place for being the “The Biggest Average Salary Paying Company in the Region.” This award has been presented by the Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Crafts.

Bacloud understands the need for proper investment in its employees to ensure the business and IT infrastructure are running smoothly. When professionals are satisfied with their incentives and have a secure working ground, the results simply do manifest in amazing ways. Given this thought, we believe in not only a satisfying payroll for our professionals working tirelessly in the field, but we also hope to provide equity and balance in the working paradigm.

We believe our company to be on the pathway to manifest better results: Inculcate innovative solutions, provide amenities to our employees to the best of our capabilities, and progress towards a tactical approach in the business infrastructure.

About Bacloud

Bacloud has been providing state-of-the-art IT services for businesses in various matters. Our specialty lies in the provision of fully accustomed dedicated servers having Linux as well as Windows operating systems (OS) for your business – get the best business management solutions, CRM, DB, ERM, private cloud, and web projects.

Our specialized solutions comprise customized infrastructure builds, BGP, VLAN, private networks, custom dedicated servers, Cloud, and collocation services starting from different businesses to large systems and portals.

Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Crafts

Siauliai CCIC or Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Crafts is a non-profit organization, public platform for all kinds of industrial, trading, and craft sectors present in the Siauliai Region. The organization is supported by service fees and voluntary membership. Siauliai CCIC is also an accredited member of the BCCA or Baltic Chambers of Commerce Association. It is also among the founders of the ALCCIC or the Association of Lithuanian CCIC, Siauliai Region Development Agency, and Siauliai TV.

The corporation seeks to improve the development of the industry and commerce in the region, promote the international business relations and the foreign trade, international projects, gain updated info related to different trade markets, the industry present in the region, and other countries makes appropriate conditions for the representation of Lithuania across the European Region and the world.

Bottom Line

Bacloud is on its way to producing some magnificent results in the small and middle-sized business sector in the region. Among these efforts, facilitating our employees and giving them what they deserve has been one of our top priorities since day one. This is to ensure the sustainability of our working environment and facilitate its growth. We highly appreciate Siauliai CCIC for acknowledging our efforts in this matter, and we are inspired to get more beneficial results in the field.

Pirmadienis, Geg 24, 2021

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