Enjoy Increased Server Traffic

  • Penktadienis, Rugpjūčio 19, 2022


We are thrilled to announce that increased traffic to the server is now offered to the clients of Bacloud. Traffic was lifted from 50TB to 100TB free of charge to all users and now you can enjoy using our dedicated servers for your businesses without having to worry about the speed and bandwidth. You can easily order both the dedicated servers and the dual-dedicated servers to avail this exciting offer and take your business to a faster and more secure storage network.

The increased traffic capacity on the server brings a very valuable advantage to the websites that are being hosted on the servers. Any constraints regarding the speed of the website or the traffic volume can be resolved using our dedicated servers with enhanced traffic volume capacity. It can help businesses increase their uptime while utilizing a wide array of our services. Our systems are backed up with advanced hardware with ultrafast storage facilities.

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