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Solana validator server requirements 2024 Print

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Setting up a Solana validator requires specific hardware and software configurations to ensure optimal performance and stability. 


Hardware Requirements:

CPU: Solana validators benefit from high-performance CPUs. A multi-core processor, preferably with high clock speeds ( core/GHz rate ), is recommended.

Ideal servers with AMD EPYC CPUs with a minimum of 24 cores. Servers, which support AMD EPYC CPUs:

EPYC U33 - Up to 4x NVMe drives

EPYC U34 - Up to 8x NVMe drives

RAM: The recommended amount of RAM is 256GB,  384GB or 512GB preferred

Storage: Fast and large NVMe storage is essential. It would help if you had the speed and capacity to handle the ledger growth. 2 x 1.92GB NVMe enterprise drives would be perfect for your Solana validator node. Important! Please be sure to order servers Enterprise-grade drives. Solana validator uses drives heavily and consumer-grade drives may not be reliable and disk resources can be used up very quickly. To set up the OS, a separate small SSD drive is OK, it may be 250SSD or NVMe.

Internet Connection: A reliable and high-speed internet connection is necessary. A minimum upload speed of 1 Gbps is recommended. Internet traffic minimum 100TB included, 200TB or 1Gbps unlimited/unmetered is recommended.

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Solana supports various operating systems, including Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.). Choose a distribution that you are comfortable with. Ubuntu is a popular choice.

Solana Software: Install the Solana software on your server. Follow the official Solana documentation for the most up-to-date installation instructions.

Firewall Configuration: Ensure your firewall allows incoming and outgoing connections on the required ports. Solana typically uses ports 8000, 8001, 8002, and 22.


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