Bacloud data center speed improvement to Asia, Test results.

Retn network map

We got announced, that our International network service provider RETN announces a significant upgrade of its Eurasian network running through Kazakhstan – TRANSKZ.

"TRANSKZ is a unique cable system developed and operated by RETN, and the first true alternative to existing subsea cable systems connecting Europe and Asia. Launched in 2016, TRANSKZ is constantly upgraded and is now the low latency terrestrial paths linking all major locations in Europe to Central and East Asia. The final stage of its development was completed in cooperation with Transtelecom JSC in Kazakhstan in May 2019. This announcement follows the official opening of the upgraded fibre optic segment in Dostyk, Kazakhstan, on the border with China."

More information about RETN Upgrade

The effect of improvement on the Bacloud network

Our team compared past results with results after improvement and our network interconnection got accelerated with China up to 30 percent! Internet traffic is choosing RETN network as the fastest way to reach Asian countries.

The table compares the PING results in 2018 with 2019 June 27th:

City, Country 2019  2018
Japan/Tokyo 210 274
China/Hangzhou 226 275
China/Hong Kong 221 254
South Korea/Seoul 219 288
Singapore 204 284
Thailand/Bangkok 212 222
Vietnam/Ho Chi Minh 270 332
China Bejing 193 276

Thursday, June 27, 2019

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