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Bacloud offers a Lightning network to avoid high Bitcoin transaction fees

  • Вторник, Апрель 23, 2024

Bacloud has received requests to postpone payment due date or help to avoid high Bitcoin network fees. Also, Bacloud has detected an unusual decrease in Bitcoin transactions within our system. After some investigation, we found that Bitcoin transaction fees have dramatically increased. Consequently, a recent Bitcoin transaction was paid with a very high fee. This certainly affects the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. Why did this happen?

Why Did Fees Increase?

The primary driver of the April fee hike was a confluence of factors:

  • Increased Network Activity: The halving, which cuts the block reward for miners in half, often leads to a temporary rise in transaction volume as users anticipate future price appreciation. This increased competition for limited block space pushes fees upwards.
  • Runes Protocol Launch: The launch of the Runes protocol, a new token standard on the Bitcoin network, further congested the network. Users rushing to create rune-based tokens contributed to the fee spike.

The Impact:

Transaction fees reached record highs, with some reports suggesting costs exceeding $128 per transaction. This can be a significant barrier for smaller transactions, potentially hindering wider Bitcoin adoption.

Lightning to the Rescue?

The Lightning Network emerges as a promising solution for more affordable Bitcoin transactions. This second-layer protocol operates above the main Bitcoin blockchain, facilitating faster and cheaper off-chain transactions. Here's how it works:

  • Payment Channels: Users establish payment channels with each other, allowing for rapid back-and-forth transactions without needing immediate confirmation on the blockchain.
  • Reduced Congestion: By taking a significant amount of transaction volume off the main chain, the Lightning Network alleviates congestion and lowers overall fees.
  • Micropayments: The Lightning Network is particularly well-suited for micropayments, which are small transactions often deemed impractical on the main chain due to high fees.

How to make a payment through the Bitcoin Lightning Network for Bacloud services?

When you select the payment method to pay with cryptocurrency, you will receive a window like in this picture:

Just swipe to pay through a Bitcoin Lightning Network.


The April 2024 fee increase highlighted the challenges of scalability on the Bitcoin network. While the Lightning Network offers a promising solution for more affordable transactions, its broader adoption and user-friendliness are key factors for its long-term success. As the technology matures and user adoption grows, the Lightning Network could play a significant role in making Bitcoin transactions faster and cheaper for everyone.

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