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Bacloud increased security with 2FA

  • Среда, Март 13, 2024

Considering the current global situation and in alignment with recommended cybersecurity protocols,  Bacloud has decided to implement two-factor authentication for all customer accounts.

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

2FA adds an extra layer of security to your Bacloud account by requiring two verification forms before granting access to the Bacloud client zone. In addition to your password, you'll now need to authenticate via a secondary method, making it significantly harder for unauthorized users to breach your account.

How Does it Work?

Bacloud's 2FA offers two convenient authentication options:

  • Email Authentication: Receive a verification code sent to your registered email address. Simply enter the code to complete the login process.
  • Mobile App Authentication: Use a compatible authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo or any other authenticator, to generate time-based verification codes. Scan the QR code provided by Bacloud to set up the app, and enter the generated code when prompted during login.

Why do We Enable 2FA on all client accounts?

With the prevalence of cyber threats, securing your online accounts is more critical than ever. By enabling 2FA on your Bacloud account, you significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access, protecting your sensitive data and resources from potential breaches.

Stay secure,


The Bacloud Team

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