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Bacloud Hosting Unveils cPanel's Site Quality Monitoring: Elevating Website Management to New Heights

  • Среда, Январь 31, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of web hosting, staying ahead of the curve is not just an option; it's a necessity. Bacloud Hosting, known for its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, has now integrated cPanel's latest tool - Site Quality Monitoring ( powered by koality ) - into its services. Let's delve into what this tool entails, how it works, and the unparalleled benefits it brings to Bacloud Hosting clients.

Understanding Site Quality Monitoring


Site Quality Monitoring, a feature available in cPanel & WHM versions 110 and 116 onwards, is a powerful tool designed to empower website owners with real-time insights into their website's health. It addresses common issues such as low SEO ranking and performance problems, offering a comprehensive approach to website management.

Color Indicators:

One of the standout features of Site Quality Monitoring is its intuitive color indicators. These indicators serve as a visual guide to the health of your website:

  • Green: Indicates that your website has passed all monitoring checks in a specific category.
  • Yellow: Alerts you to non-critical errors or failures in the monitoring check category.
  • Red: Signals critical errors that need immediate attention.

Error Types:

Site Quality Monitoring categorizes common website errors based on their severity:

  • Critical: These errors prevent users from accessing or interacting with a monitored URL or website.
  • Non-critical/Moderate: While degrading user experience, these errors do not prevent users from accessing or interacting with a monitored URL or website.


Websites are assigned scores from 0 to 100, indicating their response to monitoring checks. Higher scores signify better performance. For instance, a website with a 100 in Availability is highly accessible, ensuring quick and efficient user interactions.

Navigating Site Quality Monitoring with Bacloud Hosting

All Monitored Websites:

Bacloud Hosting clients can access an overview of all their monitored websites through the 'All monitored websites' section. Critical error alerts are highlighted, providing immediate attention to potential issues.

Monitoring Overview:

  • Health bars with color indicators provide a quick snapshot of a website's overall health.
  • Hovering over a monitoring check category’s health bar reveals detailed scores and color indicators for specific checks.

Navigation and Tabs:

  • The left navigation bar offers easy access to a monitored website's summary, monitoring details, crawling information, and settings.
  • Tabs such as Website Summary, Monitoring, Crawling, and Settings provide detailed insights into various aspects of website health.

Monitoring Check Countdown Bar:

  • The top navigation bar features a monitoring check countdown bar, keeping users informed about the next round of checks.
  • Once completed, the countdown resets, ensuring continuous monitoring for timely insights.


Bacloud Hosting's integration of cPanel's Site Quality Monitoring tool is a game-changer for website owners. By providing real-time insights, intuitive color indicators, and in-depth analysis, Bacloud Hosting empowers its clients to proactively manage their websites in an ever-evolving digital landscape. It's not just hosting; it's a commitment to ensuring website success. For Bacloud Hosting clients, the future of website management has never been brighter.

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