New AMD Epyc 2nd generation Dedicated Servers Arrived At Our Data Center

BaCloud has new dedicated servers at its data center. The CPU of the brand new AMD Epyc servers comes in the varieties 7302p and 7402p – 16 and 24 cores, respectively.

Having these high quality and innovative CPU’s in the dedicated servers for our data centers significantly make improvements in the way these servers work. There can be four NVMe drives and three HDD/SDD drives.


Integration of these innovations gives many fruitful benefits, some of which are indicated as under:

  1. Internet speed of 1 Gbps
  2. 32 GB to 256 GB DDR4 RAM
  3. Three IPv6 options – 1, /48, and /64
  4. Up to 2 TB of HDD NVMe
  5. Workability in multiple OS including Linux and Windows

Performance Ranking of AMD 7302 and AMD 7402

AMD processors are used in the latest servers and devices due to their commendable performance. These processors often win top spots at different benchmark tests when compared to other processors such as Intel. For example, the AMD Epyc 7302 earns the 11th spot in the overall CPU performance list and has a clock speed of an impressive 3.0 GHz and a turbo speed of 3.3 GHz. The AMD Epyc 7402 with 24 cores outranks the AMD Epyc 7302 in terms of performance in the benchmark test and stands at the 10th position. The Clock speed for this processor is 2.8 GHz. The turbo speed holds at 3.4 GHz – a highly competitive position in comparison to other processors (stands at 3rd position in terms of better performance for average CPU mark).

Why Did We Incorporate AMD Servers in Our Organization?

The AMD series is made for high-end performance in virtually all sectors, including cloud computing, enterprises, software infrastructures, data management and analytics, and other high-performance computing processes. When it comes to performances in HPC, virtualization, and, most importantly, databases and integer measurements, these processors have not failed to impress. By recognizing the unmatched performance of these processors, BaCloud has adapted better innovation in including AMD Epyc based servers to provide quality connectivity and performance for its clients. The performance and efficacy for server connectivity are enhanced to a considerable level, which optimizes the data management workability.

As a result, you get fast, effective, and well-integrated feedback and performance in the different services at the data center with minimum errors and lags taking place.

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