What is PTR records and where they are using?

What is PTR record?

A PTR (pointer) record maps an IP address to the domain name. It’s often called a "Reverse DNS Record" because it converts an IP address to a name. PTR records are mostly used as a security and anti-spam measure, to verify that a mail server address is allowed to send an email to a particular hostname. The reverse DNS entry checks if a server name is indeed associated with an IP address from where the connection was initiated.


Where PTR records is used for?

PTR records are used for the Reverse DNS (Domain Name System) lookup. Using the IP address you can get the associated domain/hostname. An A record should exist for every PTR record. In order to send mails PTR record is mandatory. If PTR record is not set all sent mails will be marked as spam. and port 25 will be closed for 24h by our Terms of Use.

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