Why Data Backup Can Save Your Business Time and Money


Your data is the backbone of your business, which is why you need to do everything in your power to protect it. It doesn’t matter if you’re an SMB or a large enterprise—data loss can strike at any time and bring your business to its knees unless you have a proper backup strategy in place.

Business Data Is Facing Many Threats

Threats to business data are all around you, but they are often not visible until it’s too late. According to Clutch, a provider of market insights to guide business decisions, 60 percent of small businesses that lose their data shut down within six months.

To avoid becoming part of this gloomy statistic, it’s vital that you understand the main things threatening your business data.

  • Cyberattacks: The Ponemon Institute’s annual Cost of a Data Breach report, revealed that the global average total cost of a data breached had climbed up to $4 million. In the past, cybercriminals almost exclusively targeted large enterprises, but their focus has been shifting toward SMBs, whose cyber defenses are often severely lacking and unable to deter ransomware and other attacks that block access to data.

  • Natural disasters: From floods to earthquakes to hurricanes and tornadoes, natural disasters often come unannounced and leave behind a trail of destruction. They’re the cause of approximately 35 percent of outages, and many experts predict that their frequency will keep increasing as the climate continues to change.

  • Hardware failure: After surveying its partners, StorageCraft, a provider of data management, storage, and protection solutions, discovered that 99 percent of them experienced a hardware failure in the past. Hard drives are responsible for most hardware failures in servers, followed by power source malfunctions and other internal component failures.

  • Human error: To err is human, but errors that cause data loss can be extremely costly, as illustrated by well-known breaches caused by human error, such as the Equifax, Ericsson, LinkedIn, Veeam, and Marine Corps breaches.

  • Insider attacks: As one of the key cybersecurity threats, insider attacks receive a lot of publicity, but a survey after survey shows that most businesses are insufficiently prepared for them. According to one study, 70 percent of insider attacks aren’t even reported externally because the businesses affected by them are afraid of reputation damage.

Backup Your Data to Protect Your Business

By implementing a well-thought-out backup and disaster recovery strategy, you can prevent the above-described threats from depriving you of access to critical business data and decimating your business.

Because regular backups are the foundation of any backup and disaster recovery strategy, we at Bacloud offer backup agents for backing up servers, databases, virtual machines, and workstations.

Our backup agents support both local and Bacloud cloud storage, and they come with multiple useful backup features, including scheduled and continuous backups, block-level incremental backups, and 256-bit encryption.

Why risk losing important business data and giving your competition a chance to get ahead of you when you can quickly, easily, and affordably back up your data with our backup agents? Click here to find out more about our backup service.



Thursday, March 12, 2020

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