Data collecting

IP addresses

While administering of Bacloud website and troubleshooting of our servers, we might use and collect data and IP adresses of visitors. This data can be used for finding location of visitors and collecting various demographic data. This is done by majority of web servers administrators.

Contact information

When you visit Bacloud website or make an order of services, your Personal data is being collected. Personal data consists of (but might not only be limited by given information): name, surname, city, country, postal code, e-mail address, phone number. To order Bacloud services, it`s neccessary to provide extra data that consists of credit card number or other payment method data. This information is crucial for identification, creation of your personal account and provision of ordered services.

Service information

To improve and provide best quality of Bacloud services, we might use some data from your personal services. Service information data consists of (but might not only be limited by given information): order history, messages e-mail content and history of actions that you have made by using of provided services. All that gathered data is used for provision of extra services, that match your personal needs.

3rd party information

Bacloud can collect data from 3rd party service providers and relate it with your personal contact information (only if it is leggal and not forbidden by laws and (or) it is approved with your agreement). All that collected data is used to ensure service provision, accept payments and extra services provision, that match your personal needs.

Usage of collected data

Data use

All collected information can be used for internal company needs. Personal contact data and payment data are used for activation and provision of ordered services, provision of extra services that match your personal needs, sending notifications about changes in terms of services use. You have the right to dissagree or refuse of data usage that is listed above.

3rd party service providers can gather information that consits of your IP or other data, which is impersonal or isn`t listed as personal data. This type of information is anonymous and impersonal. This kind of data cannot identify your name, address, e-mail adress or other personal information, that is related to your personal Bacloud account.

Change of personal data

You can update (you can update your personal information by using panel in Bacloud website) or delete your personal data from our database by contacting us via email Before deleting your personal information,we will make backup that consists of full or part of your personal data, which might be neccessary to fulfill administrative commitments, settle various criminal or other claims.

You can get all the data from Bacloud database, that contains your personal information. To ask various questions related which personal data gathering and usage, you can contact us via email

Personal data security

Bacloud uses conventional and other data protection methods, which prevents illegal access, usage and data loss of your personal information. Data center facilities are physically protected and only can be accessed by employees of Bacloud company only. Your data transfers are secured by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encoding method. All digital security methods cannot quarantee full data protection. We are consistently updating our security systems and methods, to guarantee best available data security.

Links to other websites

For your convenience in Bacloud website you can find links to other websites (various guides, partner websites and etc.). 3rd party websites uses similar to Bacloud website privacy policies. However we are not responsible for content, data processing and privacy policies of those websites. When you visit 3rd party website and when it asks for approval to allow to gather your personal data, before allowing to gather your personal data, we strongly recommend to familiarize with privacy policies of that 3rd party website first.


Cookie policy

While you are visiting Bacloud website, we are giving you an information and provide services matching your personal needs. Cookies are neccessary to achieve that. Cookies are small data elements, those are saved in your internet browser. They are helping to identify you as an existing website visitor, check visits history and provide content that matches your personal needs.

Cookie management

Bacloud doesn`t hide cookies from any visitor. All cookies could be found in your browser or in the table of cookies given below. At any time you can change consent to use cookies by deleting them. Way how to do that, you can find out by reading articles from the links given below. cookies

Cookie lifespan
Cookie is used to identify visitor, find demographic information, find browser type and etc. This cookie makes better overall user experience on our website.
Cookie is used to identify visitor despite you already have account or not. This cookie makes better overall user experience on website.
__utma, _utmb, __utmc, __utmt, __utmz
1 year
Cookies are used to gather overall statistical information about your recent website visits. This cookie makes better overall user experience on website.
10 min - 2 years
Cookies are used to make better overall user experience on this website, prevent usage of invalid credentials and prevent illegal access to your data.
This cookie uses a third-party service, Incapsula, to filter out malicious requests.
2 years
This cookie uses a third-party service, Incapsula, to filter out malicious requests.